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2001 Worlds / Munich Germany

Heroes Of The Tatami

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• Canadian Silver Medalist Doug Rogers randori at the Bodokan/ Part II
• Kashiwazakai at work; 1982 Kano Cup
• Kashiwazakai demonstrates his version of Ouchi-Gari
• Kashiwazakai demonstrates his version of Obi-Tori Gaeshi
• Iatskevich / 1982 Kano Cup
• Russian-style Judo at the 1982 Kano Cup / Khabarelli & Bodavelli
• Clips of Yasuhiro Yamashita in competition
• Karo Parisyan using judo against Dave Strasser in UFC44
   Above clip high-res version (Mpeg 18.5Meg)
• Over 50 pictures with captions of the 2003 Judo World's in Osaka Japan
• Jason Morris (USA) at Barcelona 1992 Olympics
• Nomura (Japan) vs Ojeguine (Russia) at 1996 Atlanta Olympics
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Extra Clip for Donation Members
Extra Clip for Donation Members
Extra Clip for Donation Members
Extra Clip for Donation Members
Extra Clip for Donation Members
Extra Clip for Donation Members
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Extra Clip for Donation Members

Rendezvous Cup 2003, Montreal Canada

2005 US Open, Fort Lauderdale, Florida



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Frank Wieneke (Germany) and Neil Adams (UK) / 1984 Olympics / Los Angeles

From the book Great Judo Championships of the World (Ippon Books)

We are told that the president of the German Judo Federation wanted to take a day and go to Disneyland during the 1984 Games and so asked his chief coach which German player was less likely to win a medal. He thought Frank Weineke, a virtual unknown in the 78kg class, would probably lose his first match, so the GJF president missed the "greatest upset in Olympic Judo history" when Weineke beat Adams for the Gold Medal

Click here for clip of Adams-Wieneke
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Pawel Nastula (Poland) and Antal Kovacs (Hungary)

An anticipated matchup in the -95kg division of the 1996 Olympics /Atlanta, was between Pawel Nastula (Poland) and Antal Kovacs (Hungary). Kovacs was the reigning Olympic Champion winning Gold in Barcelona in 1992 and had also won the Worlds in 1993 (Canada) However Nastula was the reigning World Champion, winning the Worlds title the previous year in 1995 (Japan)
They met in the 2nd round

Click here for clip of Nastula-Kovacs
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Interesting little Kashiwazaki side-note from the book: Uchimata by Hiroshi Sugai (Ippon Masterclass series)

In the semi-finals of the 65kg category in the 1981 world championships, Katsuhiko Kashiwasaki faced one of his main rivals, East Germany's Torsten Reissman, a known left-handed uchimata specialist. After about three minutes, Kashiwakai scored koka with a small footsweep, and they both rolled out of the area in the process. He reported afterwords how he happened to see Reissman's eyes as he got up "He was obviously furious to be caught like that, and I just felt that he would now attack with uchimata". As soon as they took grip, Reismann came streaming in for left uchimata as predicted. Kashiwazaki had his optimum grip and stance, neatly sidestepped the attacking leg, and countered the German with a perfect uchimata sukashi for ippon. He went on to win the title.

Click here for clip of Kashiwasaki throwing Reissman with Uchimata Sukashi
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Allen Coage


In 1967 Allen Coage (USA) a baker from Buffalo NY and Doug Rogers (CDN), an airline pilot from Vancouver, B.C. met in the Gold Medal match for the heavyweight division (+205lbs) at the Pan-American Championships held at the St. James Arena in Winnipeg, Canada. Coage was a multiple US national champion and Rogers was the silver medalist at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. Below is a short clip of the match. Coage won the gold and Rogers finished with Silver in this division but Rogers won Gold in the openweight division. Coage also won another gold at the Pan Americans in Mexico in 1975, the first American to win gold in 2 consecutive Pan-Ams.  Coage went on to pro-wrestling and is better known as "Bad News Allen" or "Bad News Brown" on the pro-wrestling circuit in the 70's & 80's. It should be noted that the referee in this match was Takahiko Ishikawa who in 1949, after three overtimes finally brought the legendary Masahiko Kimura to a draw. Kimura was Doug Rogers mentor. There are two additional clips of Rogers above training with the legendary Kimura in Japan .

Click here for short video clip of the Coage-Rogers match
(poor quality) 7M

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Doug Rogers