2008 -2009

2008 Fall Provincial Tournament

Six members competed in the 2009 NLJA Provincial Championship Tournament held here in St. John's on March 21st. The results were two gold and 1 silver. Congratulations to medal winners Todd Hodder, Mike Samson And Paul Norman. Full details can be found on our trophyroom page.

Kyu Grading

Graded to Brown Belt (Ikkyu / 1st kyu) on February 25th were the following members.

  • Kevin Massey
  • Paul Norman
  • Kyle Weber

Graded to Green Belt (Sankyu / 3rd kyu) on February 25th:

  • Gerald Coady


New Location

Starting January 19th we are located at the Bushido Martial Arts and Fitness Training Centre inside Global Gym at 92 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John's. Bushido is a complete martial arts training centre and offers a wide variety of programs. We are happy to be a part of this organization. Visit the Bushido website at http://www.bushidomma.ca.

2008 Fall Provincial Tournament

Four members competed in the 2008 NLJA Fall Provincial Tournament held here in St. John's on March 29th. The results were two gold but unfortunately two ended up on the injury list. Full details can be found on our trophyroom page. Congratulations to Paul Norman and Kyle Weber for striking gold


Kyu Grading

Graded to Blue Belt (Nikkyu / 2nd kyu) on April 9th were the following members.

  • Kevin Massey
  • Paul Norman
  • Kyle Weber

Graded to Orange Belt (Gokyu / 4th kyu) on April 9th:

  • Gerald Coady

Congratulations guys!

2008 Provincial Championships

Four members competed in the 2008 NLJA Provincial Championships held here in St. John's on March 29th. All four came away with medals, FUll details can be found on our trophyroom page. Congratulations.

L-R: Kevin Massey, Gerald Coady, Kyle Weber, Paul Norman, Blair Bradbury

Congratulations Erin & Kevin

Eoghan Joseph Blair Massey was born at 2:14AM on December 22, 2007 to instructors Kevin and Erin Massey. This is their first child as well as first grandchild for instructor Blair and wife Marion. Congratulations

2007 Provincial Championships

Four members competed in the 2006-2007 NLJA Provincial Championships held here in St. John's on May 19th. All fouur came away with medals, 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze. Congratulations to Robin Chafe (Gold), Kevin Massey (Silver), Lev Blinsky (Silver), and Kyle Weber (Bronze) on a job well done.

2007 Atlantics

Three competitors and a coach traveled to the Atlantics on April 7th in Moncton New Brunswick. Green belts Kyle Weber, Paul Norman and Kevin Massey competed in very tough all-belt senior divisions. All fought well and Kevin captured the bronze medal in his division (-81kg Seniors). Congratulations Kevin! Kyle and Paul participated in the Atlantic training camp on Sunday. It was a great trip in spite of a snowstorm that delayed Kevin and Blair's return by a day. Everyone is looking forward to next year's event.

Erin & Kevin

For those visitors to our site and who have been asking if coaches Erin Massey and Kevin Massey are husband and wife, the answer is YES. They were married on October 14th of last year. Below is our favorite wedding picture.

Kid's Grading

There was a successful grading in the youth judo class on March 30th. The following people were graded:

  • Miranda Norman / Graded to White-Yellow
  • Eric Walsh / Graded to Yellow
  • Brendan Walsh / Graded to Yellow
  • Jordan Brenton / Graded to Orange
  • Tim O'Grady / Graded to Orange-Green
Congratulations to all on a job well done!!

Front Row L-R Tim O'Grady,Eric Walsh,Miranda Norman,Brendan Walsh,Jordan Brenton
Back Row: Kevin Massey (Instructor), Erin Massey (Sensei)

As instructors Erin and Kevin Massey look on,Jordan Brenton throws Tim O'Grady during the youth grading on March 30th

Green Belt Grading

Graded to Green Belt (3rd kyu) on March 12th were the following members.

  • Robin Chafe
  • Kevin Massey
  • Lev Blinsky
  • Paul Norman
  • Kyle Weber
Congratulations !

Orange Belt Grading

Congratulations to the following members who successfully passed their gradings and were promoted to Orange Belt (4th kyu) on November 29th.

  • Lev Blinsky
  • Paul Norman
  • Kyle Weber

Gold at the Fall Provincials

Congratulations to Kevin Massey for winning gold at the Annual Fall Provincial Tournament held in Stephenville Crossing on the weekend of November 11th. Kevin was our only competitor in this tournament that was attended by 10 clubs across the province. Kevin fought in a tough category of 4 competitors in the -90kg division. The results came down to the wire as the top 3 competitors came away each with 2 wins and 1 loss, all by ippons. Ranking was determined by times and Kevin came out on top by virtue of his quick wins in all of his fights. Congratulations again Kevin !

Kevin in action at Fall Provincials

Judo Starts Again

After a long summer, judo starts again on Monday September 11th. Ou new times are from 6:30 - 8:30 on Monday and Wednesday. I think most members will find this more convenient than last year's schedule where our two practice times were on 2 consecutive days.

The good news is that we have brand new tatami! Over the summer, 25 new competition-grade mats arrived. This makes for a much safer environment and a more enjoyable judo experience.

The not-so-good news (for us) is that we will be losing our co-instructor Jeremy Smith. Jeremy has moved to London Ontario where he will be studying at the University of Western Ontario. We all wish him the best and hope to see him on the mats when he returns over Christmas for a visit.

Recent Black Belt Evaluation

Congratulations to instructors Erin Bradbury and Jeremy Smith who both successfully passed their black belt evaluations on June 4th. They have both been recommended to Judo Canada for 1st degree Black Belts (Shodan) and their official rank is expected shortly. The black belt evauluation was performed in Gander by the Provincial Grading Board in conjunction with a Kata Clinic and the Newfoundland and Labrador Judo Association annual general meeting. A big congratulations to both !

Click Here for video clip of Jeremy and J.J Coffey performing randori for the grading board

Erin and Jeremy at Kata Clinic in Gander June 4th

Successful Shodan candidates James Coffey, Terry Whey, Michael Montague, Erin Bradbury and Jeremy Smith

Another Orange Belt

Congratulations to Jason Andrews who was recently promoted to orange belt (4th kyu)

Recent Kyu Grading

Congratulations to both Kevin Massey and Robin Chafe for successfully passing their grading evaluations. They were both promoted to orange belt (4th kyu) on April 10th

Gold at the Provincial Championships

Congratulations to club members Kevin Massey and Lev Blinsky who both captured gold in their respective divisions at the 4th Annual Claude Estoppey Memorial Tournament and NLJA Provincial Championships held in Stephenville on March 26th. Kevin and Lev were are only two entries and both returned with Gold medals! They are our Provincial champions for 2005-2006. Kevin fought in the Senior Male -90kg division and Lev fought in the -66kg Junior Male Division

Congratulations again!

Goodbye to Steve Gallagher

Looks like we won't have Steve to kick around this term (kidding) Steve is headed off to Korea until April. Eventually he will be doing a teaching stint over there. We hope he continues his judo in Korea and we will see him when he gets back.

All the best Steve from your team-mates!

Yellow Belt Senior Grading / December 19th, 2005

Congratulations to Robin Chafe and Kevin Massey who successfully passed their yellow belt grading on December 19th. They both enjoy judo and hardly miss a class

Congratulations again and we will see you both back on the mat in January!

Grading For Children and Youth Class / December 8th, 2005

Congratulations to 11 judoka who successfully advanced a rank at a grading on December 8th for the Children and Youth Class.

Back row: Erin Bradbury (sensei), Jordan Brenton (yellow), Callum Carmichael (yellow-orange), Jeremy Raymond (yellow-orange), Tim O'Grady (yellow-orange), Jeremy Smith (sensei)
Middle Row: Dilon Harris (white-yellow), Stephanie Hickey (white-yellow), Denis Baker (white-yellow), Patrick Halley (yellow-orange)
Front Row: Ben Newhook (white-yellow), Andrew Newhook (white-yellow), Natalie Kavanagh (white-yellow)

Congratulations again from your senseis. Job well done!

Big Wins At The NLJA Fall Provincial Tournament / Nov 11, 2005

The NLJA Fall Provincial Tournament was held at Holy Spirit school in Manuals, Conception Bay South. Out of four competitors from our club we returned with 2 Gold and 1 Bronze medal.

  • Jeremy Smith won gold in the Senior Male -100kg Blue/Brown/Black category
  • Steve Gallagher captured bronze in the same Senior Male -100kg category
  • Max Badalbaev won gold in the Senior Male -73kg Blue/Brown/Black category
  • Chris St. Croix also fought in the same heavily-contested -73kg B/B/B category but fell just short of capturing a medal

    Congratulations to all on a very impressive performance and we all look forward to the upcoming Provincial Championships in March and the Atlantics in April

    Complete results are posted on the NLJA site at the following address: http://judonl.ca/NLJAProvincialsNov2005.htm

    Additional Classes

    In addition to the two nights per week that we practice, you are encouraged to visit other clubs on any other nights that you have available, to enhance your Judo. Please do not feel that you are slighting your own club by practicing at other clubs. There are two additional Judo clubs in St. John's and each would be more than happy to accomodate you on the days when your own club is not available.  In addition to meeting and practicing with different Judoka, you will receive instruction from a variety of Senseis with different qualifications and different teaching methods. The more variety in your Judo the better.  If you require additional information, ask one of your Sensei's or visit the Other Provincial Clubs page.

    Brown Belt Grading

    Contratulations to Mahsud (Max) Badalbaev who was graded to Brown Belt on November 10th. His team-mates seemed to take special pleasure in throwing him in celebration

    Email Addresses:

    If you have an active email account please email your sensei. with the address. We will try to keep everyone informed of upcoming events/news and when additions are added to this website.