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Humor! ( well, sort of )

Q: Why does your Sensei wear a black belt?
A: To keep his gi together

Q: How do cattle defend themselves?
A: They use cow-a-ti (karate)

Q: What tree is a martial arts champion?
A: Spruce Lee

Q: What did Bruce Lee become sick with?
A: Kung Flu

Q: When is the best season to learn Judo?
A: Just before the fall.

Q: What would you get if a pig learned karate?
A: Pork Chops

Q: Why did the artist come to the Judo Tournament?
A: He was hoping there would be a draw.

Q: Why shouldn't you throw a famous composer?
A: He might throw you Bach .

Q: When is a Judo referee like a telephone operator?
A: When he makes a call.

Q: At a Judo tournament, who wears the whitest clothes?
A: The people in the bleachers .

Q: Why is a skeleton afraid to do break falls?
A: He just doesn't have the guts.

Q: What is a Judoka's favourite desserts?
A: Flips and Turnovers.

Q: Why was Cinderella such a bad Judo player?
A: It turned out that her coach was a pumpkin !

Q: What do Judo players do when their eyesight starts to go bad?
A: They become referees.

Favorite Judo Books:

   Stepping Over The Red Line ....... by   U.R. Out
   Always Being Thrown ................ by    Seymour Tatami
   Winning at the last second.......... by   Justin Time
   Losing at the last second ........... by   E. Bluitt
   The Referee Is Always Right....... by   R.U. Nutz

   Judo Player:     Sorry coach, my doctor says I can't do Judo.
   Coach:              You didn't have to go to a doctor. I could have told you that.

After ordering a milkshake, a man had to go to make a phonecall. He didn't want any one to take his milkshake so he wrote on a napkin and left it next to his milkshake:

Don't touch this milkshake
Signed: "World's Greatest Judo Champion"

When he returned, his milkshake was gone and under it was another napkin that read:

Thanks for the treat Signed: " World's Fastest Runner"

   1st Guy:   Why are you carrying a skunk in your Judo bag ?
   2nd Guy:    He's my pet !
   1st Guy:     Yeah, but what about the smell?
   2nd Guy:    Aw, he'll get used to it

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